​From NASA’s pioneering coders to the future of cyber-security: TechRepublic’s Cover Stories of 2017

In TechRepublic’s Cover Stories series we dig deep into the tech-related tales that really deserve to be told.

These stories usually involve in-depth reporting and often involve weeks of effort to get right. In 2017 we published 10 of these in-depth features, reporting on a wide range of subjects, from the world of Tesla fans and how their electric car has taken on the Detroit giants, to the inside story of Google Fiber’s expansion.

Two stories even took us to space. We interviewed the pioneering NASA coders who helped put men on the moon and pushed the boundaries of technology as they did it. And also met with the first African astronaut, Mark Shuttleworth, who also went on to set up one of the biggest open source companies—Canonical—with its own flavour of Linux—Ubuntu.

Tech security is a vital story and we’ve worked hard to get to the story behind the headlines in three different cover stories this year. We travelled to Estonia to watch one of the world’s biggest cyber defence exercises unfold, and took a careful look at what the development of cyberweapons means for all of us at home. And we met with the next generation of start-ups who are working with Britain’s intelligence agency on the future of cyber-security.

We’ve already got big plans for next years’ set of cover stories, and you can expect the first to drop in just a few weeks.

But until they arrive enjoy the list below: all of TechRepublic’s 2017 cover stories in order of publication.

And if that’s not enough, check out some more big features we’ve published this year, too.


Image: Homer Ahr/NASA

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