You are at very right place if you are looking for best pentesting laptop. Now a days, people urge to buy laptops for Kali Linux. You know what? These machines are quite different then other regular machines. You may need to buy machine for penetration testing buy you are confused to choose best one according to your budget. You do not have to worry at all. I am going to solve this problem for you.

You should know that pentesting laptops are not similar as requirements are bit different then other OS machines. It is little time taking to choose the best one according to your needs. Why it is time taking task ? because these laptops are those which are capable with different software. That is why, one should have sufficient knowledge about it.  If you buy laptop having best aspecs but if it is not capable with the software you will use. Then it will be useless machine for you. Also, if you are YouTube blogger then you should know about professional vlogging cameras 2019.

Best Pentesting Laptop To Buy In 2018 Complete list

Technology is very versatile in 2018. Each day, you see new updates of different machines and operating systems. Due to which we have compiled list for you which will save your time. Check the list below and you can check all the products on amazon as well by just clicking one button.

Apple MMGG2LL/A MacBook Air 8 GB 256 GB 13.3″
CUK Zenbook 3 Deluxe UX490UA 16 GB 1 TB 14″
Apple MacBook Pro MJLT2LL/A 16 GB 512 GB 15.4″
Acer Aspire E 15 8 GB 256 GB 15.6″
Lenovo Thinkpad Business laptop E580 4 GB 500 GB 15.6″
DELL Gaming Laptop 16 GB 1 TB 15″
Acer Predator Helios 300 16 GB 1 TB 15.6″
Dell G5587-7866BLK-PUS G5 16 GB 1 TB 15.6″

1) Apple MMGG2LL/A MacBook Air

Another interesting machine of this era is Apple MMGG2LL/A MacBook Air. It is considered as amazing best pentesting laptop of the year 2018. Apple is very well and its architecture is quite efficient for kali linux testing as well. No other brand can compete this machine no doubt.

This laptop has all the necessary features which are required for penetration testing process. Quality, speed and built architecture gives the user a fantastic combination. I personally recommend this machine for many reasons.


  • Dual core processor with 1.6 GHz.
  • 3 MB shared L3 cache.
  • 8 GB Ram.
  • Large 13.3 inch classy display in diagonal shape.
  • Battery Up to 10 to 12 hours.
  • Light weight and easy to hold.
  • Intel HD Graphics 6000.
  • 256 GB flashed based storage.

Review For Apple MMGG2LL/A

Battery : Again it is using lithium ion battery which provides the user to use laptop Up to 12 hours minimum. One can easily do penetration testing without taking care of battery.

Performance : When you are talking about Apple machine. Then you can not question about it’s performance. We have 1.6 GHz dual core processor with shared L3 cache up to 3 MB. Which provides the facility to the user to do multi tasking very smoothly.

Weight : Very light weight built like other apple machines. It’s total weight is 2.96 pounds. much easy to hold in one hand and use it easily.


  1. Efficient performance
  2. light weight
  3. high definition display
  4. lithium ion battery
  5. easily bootable
  6. flash based storage


  • Very Expensive then other companies.

2) CUK Zenbook 3 Deluxe UX490UA – Best Laptop For kali Linux 2018

Very stylish, slim and beautiful machine produced by Acer is Zenbook 3. It is famous and best pentesting laptop due to its look and graphics. That is why it is considered as best laptop for kali linux in 2018. If we talk about best pentesting laptop in 2018-19, then we can not neglect it any way. The fastest and reliable machine for gaming, testing and hacking it is. The size is comparatively smaller than other notebooks but it is best on its own way.

One more reason to consider zenbook 3 Deluxe is its portability. It very portable and very user friendly. it has backlit keyboard and it look pretty well in dark. We have intel HD shared graphic card due to which it can not support high graphic games but still for pentesting or kali linux, it is best.

Specification: Asus Zenbook 3 Deluxe

  • intel core i7 – 8th Generation processor.
  • 16 GB Ram.
  • Hard drive is 1 terabyte.
  • Full HD retina display (1920*1080)
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • Stylish and eye catching.

Review For Zenbook 3 Asus

Battery : New asus laptops have good battery. but after using one to two years. battery will start draining faster but at start you might have 7 to 8 hours backup.

Performance : Overall performance of zenbook 3 deluxe is good due to core i7 8th generation processor and 16 GB ram. Also hard drive is 1 TB. So we have maximum storage for each drive.

Graphics : Asus zenbook 3 deluxe is not much gaming friendly. User can play regular games on it but not much higher graphics games will be supported by this laptop.

Design : No doubt design and look is perfect. Also it is light weight and much easy to carry.

Price : click on button above to check the price. It’s not that much costly then other best pentesting laptop in 2019.


  1. Very efficient for pentesting purpose.
  2. Portable friendly
  3. Typing experience is much reliable
  4. Very light weight and easy to hold.


  • Little expensive then other machines.
  • Battery suffers after some time.

3) Apple MacBook Pro MJLT2LL/A – 15 Inches Best Pentesting laptop

If you have high budget then you should go for Apple MacBook pro’s above model. We know its expensive but apple also provides excellent quality in return to the price. It is another kali linux testing laptop with 15 inches large HD display.

Due to its higher price you should not ignore this machine. Still you can check its specifications before taking final shout. May be you should consider this one of the apple pentesting laptop for next couple of year.


  • Quad core Intel Core i7  2.5 GHz processor
  • Boost up to 3.5 GHz (Best Feature)
  • 16 GB Ram
  • 512 GB flash based storage
  • 4.5 pounds weight.
  • AMD Radeon R9 M370X Graphics.
  • battery life till 9 hours

Review For Apple MacBook Pro MJLT2LL/A

Performance : Very efficient processing speed. It carries 2.5 GHz quad core processor with 16 GB ram. Very fast in multitasking and efficient for penetration testing as well.

Battery : Due to higher performance it’s battery does not last like other Apple machines. But still its not much bad. You can use its battery up to 9 hours.

Price : It is much expensive machine but provides much features which other devices do not provide you. That is why if you can afford it, then i will recommend you to buy this Macbook pro for pentesting. This machine will be best in performance even in 2020.


  1. 2 GB external graphic card.
  2. Sharp and large retina display
  3. Super fast machine
  4. Fastest Wireless connectivity
  5. Max storage is 2 TB.
  6. Best Quality build


  • Battery life does not last much longer.
  • Super expensive.

4) Acer Aspire E 15 – Best Acer Penetration Testing Laptop

Acer is known as one of the best compatible machine having good life. It is at the top for Kali linux testing. This machine has 15.6 inch large display and it has quite unique design as well. Performance is quite incredible. Acer Aspire E 15 has released with new MU-MIMO technology. Due to which it has fast 802.11 ac wireless speed. The battery life is excellent. Also it contains high quality graphic card with 2 GB dedicated DDR5 VRAM. This machine has also very high performance sound system in it.


  • Core i7 processor 6th generation.
  • Built in windows 10 (Registered).
  • 15.6 inches large HD display.
  • 13 hours battery life.
  • 2 built-in stereo speakers.
  • NIVIDIA GeForce 940 MX Graphic card.
  • 2GB dedicated DDR5 VRAM.
  • 4 USB Ports
  • 1 HDMI Port
  • 5.3 Pounds weight
  • High Performance Sound.

Review For Acer Aspire E 15

Battery : It contains lithium ion battery which gives backup of 12 to 13 hours in multimedia. This battery life has impressed a lot of buyers to buy this device.

Performance : This machines has intel core i7 – 6th generation processors. Which gives very fast speed due to which multitasking is very smooth. Also, it has quite fast wireless connectivity due to 802.11 ac wireless.

Body : When it comes to body, it is designed with metallic grey color. Which gives you very soft feeling to hold it. Top lid is very eye catching and attractive as well. It is lightweight so that one can hold it in just one hand easily.


  1. Long battery life
  2. 15.6 large HD display
  3. Easy to carry
  4. Fast wireless connectivity
  5. Backlit keyboard
  6. DVD writer available


  • Fast processing makes the machine hot sometimes.

5) Lenovo Thinkpad Business laptop E580 – Lenovo penstesing laptop in cheap price 2019

Lenovo is new in market as compared to other companies. But no doubt, its performance, battery and sound urges the user to buy lenovo machines. Lenovo thinkpad is another machine in our list for pentesting purpose. We have windows 10 pro in it and it comes with 15.6 inch LCD having front HD camera as well. Lets talk about specifications below.

Specifications For Lenovo E580

  • core i5-7200 processor.
  • Dual band wireless having 802.11 ac.
  • Up to 500 GB HDD.
  • 4 GB DDR4 Ram.
  • HD front camera with 15.6 anti-glare screen.
  • Finger print

Review : Lenovo Think pad pentesting laptop

Processor : Thinkpad business machine is specifically designed for business men who needs fast systems. So, over all performance is very good due to core i5 processor and 4 GB ram. Since it is not as much perfect as dell is due to the specs. But still it is far better then other laptops having same price.

Built : Lenovo laptops are in average in their built. Body is not much stronger then other machines. We have to use them with care to avoid any damage.

Speaker : overall sound quality is good. it has 2 built in stereo speakers to produce better sound quality.

Design : If we talk about designs, then it’s very simple. Processing is very fast and over all machine is far better but if you want a machine which looks beautiful then you should buy any other company laptop. But if you want machine which is good for pentesting purpose, then you should buy it in no time.


  • Light in weight.
  • Fast booting facility.
  • Fast processing.
  • Max expandable storage.
  • High end display.
  • Cheaper in price.


  • Old fashioned design.
  • Compromises in built quality.

6) DELL Gaming Laptop – Core i7 8th Generation

Every one is aware of Dell name since it is strong competitor for very long time. Right now we are discussing another power pentesting machine. We have intel core i7 8th generation processor. You can use it for gaming and hacking at same time. This is not as much as costly as apple machines. If you are in low budget then you should buy this kali linux laptop for your purpose.


  • 8th Generation intel core i7-8750H
  • 16 GB of Ram
  • 256 GB SSD
  • 5.5 pounds in weight
  • I TB hard disk drive
  • Built in 2 powerful stereo speakers.
  • Windows 10 home

Review : Dell Gaming laptop for Kali linux

Display : Dell or any other machine does not compete apple mac display. But still with this price rang, display is far far better and due to the NVIDA Graphic Card it provides far better display then its previous models. But if you are looking high retina display like apple has, then you should only buy Apple MacBook pro.

Battery : The use can use its battery for 9 hours at least. You can use it without taking care of battery as dell provides very good backup of battery. If you play high graphic games then it might reduced to 7 hours due to high processing.

Efficiency : As they are using core i7 8the generation processor with 16 GB ram. That’s why no one can question about its processing speed. Multi tasking is much smooth and speed is quite amazing.


  • Fastest machine.
  • Best pentesting laptop in low price.
  • Powerful battery backup.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Memory is expendable.
  • Cheaper then other machine having same specs.


  1. Compromises on HD display.
  2. Average battery backup while playing high graphic games.

7) Acer Predator Helios 300 – Best Gaming and Pentesting Laptop 2018

Do you want to buy a laptop that has every feature you need ? Acer Predator Helios 300 is best for you. It is particularly designed for gaming purpose by taking care of every related thing. It has fast transfer data rate over wireless network because acer introduced Gigabit Wi-Fi network in this laptop. You can transfer data over the rate of 1.73 giga bit per second.

It contains core i7 8th generation processor with 16 GB ram and up to 1 terabyte hard drive. We have SSD in it for fast processing. Also, it comes with 6GB dedicated Virtual RAM. If we talk about ports then it contains RJ45 network port. The purpose of RJ45 port is to provide better networking and pentesting facility. One can execure pentesting for long time period in it.

Review : Acer Helios 300

Graphics: Acer predator has GeForce GTX 1060 most powerful graphic card with 6 GB VRAM. Specially it is designed for gaming then there is no question left for graphic.

Battery: Max battery back up for acer predator is 7 hours because gaming laptop can not provide you backup more than that.

Built: This machine is very strong, designed with metal, carries much weight due to metal body.

Design: Eye catching and stylish look. it comes with backlit keyboard also with red led light in its back.


  1. Efficient performance.
  2. Smooth multitasking.
  3. Best pentesting laptop in 2018.
  4. Great data transfer rate over WiFi.
  5. Built in powerful fans for fastest cooling process.
  6. 16 GB Virtual RAM with 6 GB Graphic card.


  • Gaming laptops contains some weight due to its build.
  • Battery does not lasts longer.

8) Dell G5587-7866BLK-PUS G5 – Ultimate pentesting laptop

As Dell produce versatile variety when it comes to laptops. It is good invention produced by Dell machine. It is very eye catching laptop specially was designed for gaming and due to its aspect you can use it for ultimate pentesting as well. Again it has 8th Gen intel core i7 processor, 128 GB space and Up to 16 GB ram. Which makes it very well while performing. Also, multitasking is much smooth in this machine. It is not as much light weight as others because of its built, that is why we consider it as best pentesting laptop. Usually gaming laptops are much heavy as they are performing like PC.


  • Core i7 – 8th Gen latest processor.
  • 4GB Graphic Card External.
  • 16 GB DDR5 Ram.
  • Built in 128 GB SD drive.
  • 1 TB hard disk
  • Windows 10 activated installed.
  • Extendable memory and space.

Review For Dell G5587

Efficiency: Performance can not be questioned due to the 8th gen processor with 16 GB Ram. Over all good speed and performance. As it is designed for gaming purpose therefore it is much faster then any other regular machine.

Battery: Provides good backup again but sometimes due to non stop gaming, battery can suffer due to multiple factors.

Graphics: As this machine contains 4GB DDR5 GeForce GTX1050. It is latest technology in market related to graphics. That is why it provides quite HD retina display.

Storage: Dell provides hard drive of 1GB in this machine specially for heavy gaming purpose. 1 Terabyte hard drive is far enough for gamers.

Price: If we talk about other companies like Apple or Asus. Then they are expensive with these specifications. Check the price above and don’t forget to consider it.


  • External High Quality Graphic Card.
  • Fastest Processing.
  • Fast bootable.
  • Best for ultimate pentesting laptop.
  • Hybrid Disk.
  • Cheaper then other brands.
  • Very stylish design.


  1. heavy weight machine.
  2. May becomes hot while fast processing.

How To Choose Best Pentesting Laptop – Complete Buyers Guide

As every laptop is best in its own way that’s why it confuses the buyer to choose the best machine while taking decision to buy best pentesting laptop in 2018. Before you take decision, you should keep in mind that each company is well reputed and your investment will not go in vein at all.  Choose a laptop which looks good to you after reading specifications and reviews of other buyers. Here are few guidelines which you should consider for the safe side.


First and foremost requirement is your laptop’s backup. You should not compromise our battery at all if you want to buy best pentesting laptop. because most of the hackers, games spend almost half of their day while using machine. The good backup will provide the buyer an ease and you will be able to do your work without taking care of battery. Choose a machine which provides battery backup up to at least 5 hours after even 1 year. Read the reviews of buyers for battery backup and you will get best advice and idea from them.


Most of the laptops has core i7 8th generation processor for fast processing. What you will have to do is to not only rely on processor. Ram, hard drive and graphic card also cause great impact on performance. Better performance will provide an ease to do pentesing or kali linux testing as well.

Try to buy a laptop which contains external graphic card. If you will buy only shared graphic card then it will cause impact on ram after few months. That is why Ram should work alone and for graphics there should be external card like NVIDA GeForce so that it provides better performance while playing high ended graphic games.


Wireless connectivity is built in feature of every laptop. Even portable pc has wireless feature these days. But technology changes over time. In 2018-19, 802.11 ac is best so keep in mind to buy machine having this feature. It will provide you fast connectivity and great transfer rate over internet.


Larger ram will have the capability to store the temporary data. It will provide you the facility of multi tasking smoothly. If CPU is busy while doing any work, random access memory can store the temporarily before sending to the processor. Also, if you have executed one task before and try to execute it again then that task can be executed fast due to temporary storage of RAM.


Hard drive provides the user large storage so that your PC does not become slow even storing much data on your drive. Buy best pentesing laptop which has at least 500 GB hard drive with some external SSD. If you are buying apple mac book bro, then you can neglect this guideline because it’s architecture is different then other machines.


Sometimes we want a laptop according to our needs but we are on low budget. There is no big deal on that because there are many companies in market which provide better specifications in low price just to compete their competitors. So you should take an advantage of that. Check Best selling laptops for pentesting and kali linux in 2019.

Final thoughts

I hope this article about best pentesing laptop in 2018 has helped you while choosing best machine. If you need any help or you have any query then please let us know in comment section. So that we can help you to choose right machine according to your budget and needs. Don’t forget to leave a feedback so that we can come up with new products reviews. Thanks

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