As the Nigerian economy grows and digitizes, the need to be cyber security aware becomes more imperative by the day. With the high adoption of digitals tools such as electronic payment platforms, e Learning, electronic banking and others, these has brought ease of doing business in the country and also with the linked problems which is security threat and breaches. The would be looking at various types of security threats, how to mitigate them and exhibit various versions of  cyber security solutions available in the country.

BSides Lagos is set to host its third edition of its cyber security conference; this third edition will focus on the theme Cyber security in the future.  BSidesLagos is excited once again to host this community driven event, our maiden edition drew attention from international and local companies, interesting presentation was presented as well networking was carried out .

The Call for papers, light presentation will starts on the .

The venue of this year conference is

After submission of papers, the conference schedule and ticket sales will commence immediately. The price for this year ticket will be N9,000 (Nine thousand  naira).Our edition was interesting as a lot of new topic on cybersecurity was presented.

BSideslagos is founded by Edmond Onwuje and Bamidele Akinlaya  Edmond is the founder of seandovi security a cybersecurity company that specializes in Network penetration testing and software security testing. In his word, Edmond said that

“This particular edition will feature presentations on cyber security that deals with the current threat landscape the country is facing. It would be a total exposition on the threat of cyber security and how these challenges can be faced for various organizations and individual.”

BSidesLagos is looking for sponsors, as sponsors make our conference possible, If you are interested in sponsoring BSidesLagos kindly send a mail to  or you can take a look at our sponsorship kit

For information, visit the BSidesLagos official website