Cyber crimes affecting youth the most: Rakesh Kripalani

Nagpur: With an objective of creating awareness about Cyber crimes, the Nagpur City Police on Saturday organised a programme titled ‘Cyber Safe Nagpur’ at Chitnavis Centre where Rakesh Kripalani a Cyber Psychologist and Mahesh Rakheja, a Cyber Security Expert delivered their insightful lectures as to how a common citizen falls pray to the phenomenon of Cyber Crime and how one can avoid it. With the tag line of ‘Be Smart and Be Safe’, the Nagpur Police aims to keep the city free from cyber crime and hence will be undertaking a wide campaign of creating awareness where by visiting many schools, the students will be made aware of the crimes done by this means.

Commissioner of Police (CP) Dr K Venkatesham, Joint CP Shivajirao Bodkhe, DCP, Economic Offences Wing (EoW) Shweta Khedkar and Deputy Director (Education) Anil Pardhi inaugurated the programme.

Rakesh Kripalani addressed the issue of psychology by which people tend to move towards being a victim of cyber crime. He said, “To every phenomenon, there is a cause and effect relationship. In this case as well, the prevention of the cause is very necessary. We are moving towards artificial intelligence.” Be identified a list of factors such as Physical, Reality, Temporal, Text, Sensory, Interactive, Social, Identity pertaining to the human psychology that creates a loop hole for the cyber criminals to attract an individual to the cyber crime. He also gave light on the personality styles in Cyberspace. He stressed on proper grooming of a children from the early age in order to prepare him/her for the world of cyber crime so that he does not become a victim eventually.

Mahesh Rakheja Cyber Expert said, “In the current times, people are trusting more on the virtual world than on the real world. The penetration of the cyber crimes is very deep and have affected people on a very large scale. People often remain in the misconception that they succeed in maintaining the security to their accounts or transactions done digitally. But there carelessness can prove fatal as most of the work done using the internet servers can be hacked very easily by the hackers. Every account on social media can be stalked. In fact the hackers have so advanced in technology that they can also have a direct live access to the web cams of personal computers and laptops. Moreover, downloading any pirated softwares is like inviting the criminals for doing the crime”.

Targeting the Anti-Virus company he said, “Criminals take advantage of the innocence of the people and lack of knowledge of the people in regards to the technological awareness. This can be curtailed only with the increased awareness amongst the people regarding cyber crime”. Mahesh Rakheja also gave a live demonstration of how hackers call the common man and try to fraud them by seeking their personal details of the account.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (EoW) Ashwini Patil from Cyber Cell Nagpur said, “Today’s era is driven by Science and Technology. We start and end our day by using technology. Technology has its own pros and cons. The advent of technology gave rise to cyber crimes. With the aim of reducing these crimes and creating awareness, we have created a cyber cell. Also, a team of trained officials will visit different schools and college for creating awareness regarding cyber crimes.