Cyber-Crimes Bill 2014 in Pakistan Will Be Approved Soon

Cyber Crimes in Pakistan are rising very quickly. Not very long ago it was reported that Facebook friends kidnapped two girls in Multan. Even before that it was reported that Facebook friendship resulted in the kidnap of 13-years old boy.

These are only two of the incidents that caught the media eye and the kidnapped people were successfully returned to their families.

Many incidents keep on happening on daily basis as use of the smartphones and social media is growing enormously in Pakistan. It was requirement of the time that Pakistani lawmakers think about making some laws related to cyber bullying in Pakistan.

Good news is that the government of Pakistan has finally realised this necessity. Pakistan is almost there to finalise history’s first ever cyber-crime bill.

State Minister for Information Technology Anusha Rehman revealed that indeed an inclusive cyber-crime bill has been prepared.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) who is responsible to investigate cyber-crimes could not produce desired results because of the absence of sufficient law regarding cyber bullying or cyber-crimes in Pakistan.

Anusha Rehman was chairing E-Crimes Bill 2014 meeting and she expressed her hope that the bill will get early approval. She said that it would be a milestone in the history of the country and for the ministry if this bill is approved. The bill will be presented in front of the cabinet very soon.

Over 100 Million smartphone users, Pakistan has been included in one of the fastest growing in internet usage and so as the number of cyber-crimes in Pakistan. It is a brilliant step taken by Ministry of IT and it would bear fruitful results.