Debatable Pros and Cons of The Penetration Testing

CIA Information Security

The people who are working online or related to the world wide web in one way or another must be aware of the security breach problem. On the internet, your every information is exposed in front of the world and guys, all the internet users are not honest as you. Because there is a huge number of hackers and cybercriminals present online to harm you.

Especially, for the business organizations, the problem of cybersecurity is very big as one security loophole can destroy the whole business. That’s why whether you are a small business organization or the big MNC, you required a secure, integrate and available security system for your organization. And, nowadays penetration testing is becoming that CIA secured system.

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What Is A Pen-Testing?

Penetration Testing is a system in which secured tools are utilized and applied in the ethical hacking environment to test the performance of the system. Well, in simple words, the artificial environment is created by the pen-testers in which system is hacked by them to test the posture of the organization system. In this, all the real efforts are used like a real hacker to test the loopholes present in the system.

Pen-tester is the person who has academic knowledge as well as skill in hand. They are highly qualified IT experts and social engineers. To be a pen-tester, you have to participate in numerous different courses and skill development seminars. Pen-tester has to be creative and passionate so that he can use all the ethical hacking tools to provide a portable security solution.

Sometimes, pen-testers use the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) technical guidelines to provide the most value. The procedure consists of seven (7) main sections that walk the professional from all pre-engagement interactions, to intelligence gathering, threat modeling, vulnerability analysis, exploitation, post-exploitation and the all-important reporting in which feedback is given to the client.

Pros of Penetration Testing

Business organizations are nowadays on the constant radar of the hackers and security breaches. So, adopting pen-testing can be really helpful for them as:

  • It helps in taking proactive cybersecurity actions.
  • It tests the organization system in the context of the actual cyber attack, this will helps in understanding the performance of the organization in the real situation.
  • It locates the data breaches and network intrusions by tracking down the lead of the data leakage.
  • It allows to test the gathered information and study any flaw or misconceptions in the information.
  • It helps in finding the unknown and known hardware or software vulnerabilities which can because of a data breach. Pen-testers examine the pattern between the vulnerabilities to locate any unknown breach of the data.
  • It is able to access the capacity of one system beyond the regular analyze or testing. Penetration Testing goes way more deeply into the testing, then any other system.
  • It is closed to the real world IT company problems. As the issues occur in the real world are different than the theoretical problems. That’s why pen-testers are trained to resolve the actual situations faced by the IT companies.

Cons of Penetration Testing

Just like everything else, the Penetration Testing also has some downsides, such as:

  • It is very unlikely that pen-tester can find all the problems after scanning the data and can provide a lucrative solution for every problem.
  • It requires lots of time to fully scan the system and interpret the result from the overall security system. And, this can affect the performance of your business meanwhile.
  • It is a full labor incentive system which requires the skilled and potential pen-tester and sometimes in big organizations, more pen-testers are required to accomplish the job. And, guys these highly qualified pen-testers are way too expensive and costly for your budget.
  • It creates a false sense of security. If the pen testing result is 100% secured, then the organization will feel less threatened and they will be lazy. This is a common human tendency.

Wrap Up

Apart from having some cons, pen testing is a very proactive and zealous security system. And, for the big organizations, it is a very beneficial system. So, if the Penetration Testing system suits you, then you should definitely go for it.

Hello, I am Arpit. I am a content writer who usually loves to write technical stuff. I always try to write something very related to latest technologies and trend. I hope you like my blogs and have a good time reading them.

Arpit Agarwal

Hello, I am Arpit. I am a content writer who usually loves to write technical stuff. I always try to write something very related to latest technologies and trend. I hope you like my blogs and have a good time reading them.