eCommerce Security issues: how does penetration testing stand out among other solutions and tools?

Users will not purchase from your brand if it is not credible. The fear that a website is not a safe place to make purchases is now a new normal.

What are the main eCommerce security issues and solutions?

The potential of an eCommerce website to become an untrusted place has practically no limit in the digital era of high security measures. Merchants have to take steps to protect sensitive data about customers and their transactions. However, that is just one side of the coin.

Another challenge for any e-shop owner is to protect the assets that he or she owns. Modern eCommerce platforms equip their clients with default security features that combat issues and enable safe transactions. Nevertheless, with the rise of hackers of all forms and shapes, one has to customize the features and even turn to advanced options and paid tools. Encryption methods and security standards change all the time, requiring constant updates and changes.

In this situation, wise investments can save you a fortune. A well-rounded solution can help handle multiple issues connected to cybersecurity. And Penetration testing seems like a good option.

Why should your online store give Penetration testing a try?

Penetration testing, or pen-testing, is a way to detect a potential hazard in any chosen system. A tester performs a set of actions that imitate the techniques used by hackers. Therefore, any eCommerce website can be submitted to the procedure aimed at detecting a potential threat.

Pen-testing helps to detect a number of security threats on your eCommerce website. What makes Penetration testing effective? It involves experienced teams of hackers that will try to gain control of your information. If their trial is successful, you can generate detailed reports that highlight the vulnerabilities.

If you still think that your online store is not a target for malicious people, explore the 4 main reasons your eCommerce website should conduct pen-tests.

1. Combating eCommerce security threats will cost you less than a potential loss of data

Online searchers leave a lot of data on your eCommerce website. If not protected securely, a potential security breach may result in hundreds of lawsuits from your customers.

There are different types of information stored inside eCommerce platforms, like Shopify:

  • Passwords
  • Usernames
  • Lists of purchases
  • Email addresses, etc

If attackers collect this data using some type of infectious malware, it can bring damage to your reputation as a brand.

As the latest data reveals, the amount of cyber-attacks on eCommerce retailers More eCommerce retailers have become vulnerable to attacks – and that is a lesson to learn from. Taking precautionary steps to overcome possible threats can save your business.

Investment in Penetration testing seems like a blessing for online retailers, as it helps detect hot spots in your security for a comparatively low price.

2. Protect transactions, discount codes and orders

The legal consequences of unsafe transactions in your store can affect your business significantly.

Potential clients will think twice before filling out credit card details. They need to be sure their information is protected. That is why a Security Socket Layer (SSL) is designed to encrypt the data on transactions. Shopify SSL certificate, for example, is the default feature of the platform that enables for any customer.

To secure your website against malicious people, one has to check if SSL protection is effective. Penetration testing can expose the potential weaknesses in the way the data is encrypted on your website.

3. Meet the standards of modern eCommerce security measures

Mitigating potential threats is no easy task in eCommerce. IT management should constantly update the system, aiming to protect the data. It is not an easy task to assess the potential risk of a cyber-attack.

As penetration tests imitate such attacks, they can detect potential threats that may come from a number of sources:

  •  Competitors
  •  Vandals
  •  Criminals
  •  Your own staff

No matter which products you sell online, your e-store depends on an effective security management system. Penetration testing allows one to create such a system and keep it up-to-date.

4. Train your IT management

Penetration testing can be helpful if you want to train your IT management to conduct careful security monitoring. Penetration tests give an external view of possible problems your online store can have.

The reports, generated by testers, can provide detailed data on the top priority vulnerabilities. In other words, they can guide your IT staff toward the  security issues with the most urgency and importance.

Educational and effective, pen-tests aim at providing a roadmap of a security program for your online store.

How can you reinforce the power of a Shopify SSL certificate?

The Shopify platform is one of the friendliest eCommerce platforms, and simplifies store creation and enables swift transactions. However, online hackers are smarter than ever before. They can ruin your brand and disrupt every incoming sale.

What can you do to ensure the security of your online store? It is essential to boost your store with relevant tools that reinforce the meaning of SSL certificates – use one of the of Penetration testing to build trust among customers.

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