Eide Bailly Gets Aggressive with Cyber Security Solutions Through New Relationship with Secuvant

Salt Lake City and Denver—Eide Bailly, LLP announced Monday that it has entered into a formal relationship with Secuvant, LLC to supplement Eide Bailly’s current cyber security solutions. Through Eide Bailly with Secuvant, CXOs now have cyber security programs that speak to them as executives about how business-class cyber security solutions protect their true business assets and not simply the technical ones.

As part of this new relationship, Eide Bailly and Secuvant will coordinate their client services and sales activities to ensure that all existing and prospective clients of Eide Bailly are familiar with what new cyber security capabilities the two companies will jointly be offering through Eide Bailly. With a long history of acquiring companies and technologies that has allowed Eide Bailly to offer world-class business management solutions to their global clients, this new relationship is intended to better serve CXOs and IT teams in understanding and managing the business risks a cyber threat or breach can create. Cyber security has traditionally been implemented through technical operations and IT support, which has left most business executives out of the loop on exactly how mission critical it is to proactively implement a holistic cyber security program.

“As businesses, we all face the same risks. We have made a significant investment in creating a very progressive and robust cyber security offering because we feel it is part of our core charter to help business leaders understand any risk to their business. We have taken an approach with cyber security that there are incredibly sensitive parts of a business – not driven by technology, but that must be managed through technology,” said James Lyons, Strategic Growth Officer for Eide Bailly. “Through this relationship with Secuvant, we can now offer a wider range of cyber security and allied solutions to strengthen Eide Bailly’s capabilities for our clients. CXOs must be given every advantage in making the right decisions to invest properly in securing their company. We know our clients need this.”

The business services industry is experiencing a strong uptake in non-technical companies making acquisitions and forging other creative relationships to supplement their offering with more technology-based solutions. For Eide Bailly, the need to become a trusted cyber security provider is driven by how impactful cyber threats have become to the markets they serve. Breaches have become a daily occurrence. Eide Bailly is concerned that there is great danger when CXOs become desensitized to the frequency of these occurrences. They are confident their methodology and approach for providing cyber security support to their clients will aid in escalating the concern and provide the validation needed to dedicate the appropriate budgets.

Secuvant has spent the last three years developing one of the industry’s most unique and comprehensive cyber security solutions.

“Our blend of services, technical resources and progressive methodology was created because we understood that business leaders were tired of being offered a set of cyber products that didn’t align with their prioritized business risks,” said Ryan Layton, CEO of Secuvant. “Our methodology facilitates collaboration between a company’s CXOs and their IT team, to ensure the organization’s cyber security program appropriately addresses business risk, and not just technical risk. We help business leaders understand cyber risk is business risk. This is a perfect fit to the Eide Bailly culture of commitment to stay ahead of client needs. Our blended services and solutions create a very efficient augmentation to how they serve their client.”

Technically, the new Eide Bailly cyber security offering has been built to properly fit their clients, regardless of size or vertical. From manufacturing to healthcare, every segment of industry can find the right cyber security solution through Eide Bailly and their relationship with Secuvant. The solutions are based on a sophisticated process that starts by taking business executives through a workshop to fully understand their business operations, data environment and primary objectives. From there, a gap assessment is completed to ensure Eide Bailly understands what is at stake, where potential areas of concern are and what must be put in place to mitigate risks. A formal cyber health plan is then created, from which the organization can utilize services through Eide Bailly to upgrade or augment their operations and implement a foundation of SOPs and policies to manage their cyber health. Lastly, minute to minute monitoring is available to ensure no alert, threat or breach goes undetected. The reporting provided to the client ensures they are always “tuned in” to their cyber condition.

“At Eide Bailly, we have very deep resources across our people and technologies. This relationship with Secuvant allows us to focus even better on the things we already do well – basically a holistic skillset our clients need,” said Anders Erickson, Director of Cyber Security Services for Eide Bailly. “We feel Secuvant has taken the best security frameworks and then mapped cyber risks to business risks. Their methodology helps executives understand how to invest proactively, instead of reactively, in their own cyber security. IT teams can’t bridge that gap on their own.”

Additionally, Eide Bailly recently acquired Decipher Forensics as part of building their comprehensive cyber security solutions. The computer forensics and e-discovery capabilities developed by Decipher Forensics are now fully immersed into resources available to all Eide Bailly clients. “By adding these capabilities to our relationship, we can jointly provide clients with a solution that helps them find risks, determine the root cause, address the issue completely, put policies in place to prevent further instances, and continually monitor to ensure the client’s business is improved and strengthened in an ongoing way,” said Todd Neilson, CTO of Secuvant. “Our relationship ensures that all Eide Bailly clients are equipped to see a cyber security problem before it happens, remediate it, monitor it and ensure their brand is not hurt by it.”

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