Robots could be used as weapons of mass destruction, cyber Security expert warns

Many companies are testing out human-like robots to assist in traditional human activities from packaging and supply chain to policing and military drills.

Twenty-two countries have been lobbying the United Nations, demanding a ban on “killer robots” that can identify and destroy targets without human control.

Hotspot Shield cyber security expert Robert Siciliano warns that humans should “without a doubt” be concerned with these “killer robots.”

“It wasn’t too long ago that planes bombing required humans, now we have autonomous drones that essentially are doing the work for us. What’s it going to take for those same drones to determine the actual target and in some cases make mistakes?” he asked during an interview on FBN’s “Risk & Reward.”

As of May 2017, the Robotics Industries Association (RIA) estimates that 250,000 robots are now in use in the United States, the third-highest in the world behind Japan and China.

“I’m all about advancing technology and saving human lives. But there are some out there with nefarious mindsets who could use this for criminal hacking, social engineering and, of course, weapons of mass destruction,” Siciliano said.