UK under cyber threat from Russia and North Korea

cyber Attack

Remember the time when a country attacked another country through its army. Not anymore, now a country attacks the cyberspace of another state. As more we get involved in the digital world, the risk factor of cybersecurity threats rises simultaneously.

Recently a possible cyber attack on the United Kingdom is predicted by The head of British Cybersecurity. The Cheif executive of British National Cyber Security Centre, Mr. Cairn Martin predicts some serious cyber threats to the UK, possibly from Russia and North Korea. He mentions; Hackers have created a market for online crimes like data mining and selling their skills to different hostile states.

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Cairn Martin, The British CyberSec chief disclosed his predictions and analysis in a Television program named Peston On Sunday.

He was giving an interview in which he said; “In the last two years, we have seen a consistent rise in the appetite of attacks from Russia on critical sectors. as well as diversification to other sectors they may attack.”

He further added; ” In addition to the more traditional targetting of hard infrastructure, we have seen them against the West as hole targetting of soft power like democratic and media institutions and other things related to freedom of speech have been widely targeted.”

While talking about Cybersecurity threats from Russia, he also mentioned North Korean involvement in cyber attacks. He said that there was deep hand by North Korea behind the notorious ransomware attack known as Wannacry. NHS, UK was highly effected by this attack. more than 20k appointments were canceled including cancer treatment.

Ambulances were forced to divert from hospitals and health services were highly damaged. Mr. Cairn Martin mentioned that cyber-criminals have now united up as gangs and most of them work on National and state level. Now this is a very rapidly developing market in CyberSec. This is an alarming factor.