Why Cybersecurity Testing?

Protecting your organization against cyber security threats is an on-going and demanding task. After all,  you need to know where to put in your precious  investments to effectively strengthen your cybersecurity.

Security risks continue to grow in variety and complexity. Cyber criminals are developing even more sophisticated techniques to penetrate and compromise your business systems. Moreover,  your systems are required to comply with stringent regulatory or industry standards such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

1. Your challenges and our solutions

No.Your ChallengesOur Solutions
1You know the importance of cybersecurity but you don't know where to start.Your organization could start the cybersecurity journey with Vulnerability Assessment.
We will first identify the most severe cyber security issues and recommend mitigation solutions.
2No clear insight of current organization cybersecurity situation.Three phases of cyber security testing will provide you more complete insight of your current situation:
- Phase 1: Vulnerability Assessment will provide you a fast overview of your vulnerability issues.
- Phase 2: Penetration Testing will further reveal how real hackers could exploit your systems.
- Phase 3: Security Code Review will scan and reveal insecure source codes.
3Uncertainty of the right cybersecurity implementation and investment
When you have a complete insight of the current situations, you will have a clear picture whether to put your IT investments into better firewalls, antivirus software, server patches or even software enhancements.

2. Our Competitive Advantages

No.Our Competitive AdvantagesYour Benefits
1End-to-end expertise in enterprise information systemsWe have 07-year experience in system integration and software development for organizations in Singapore.
Hence, we have end-to-end expertise to understand your cybersecurity vulnerabilities from systems, networks, firewalls to software implementation.
2Certified security professionalsWe have certified professionals from cloud infrastructure, network security to software development.
We have the capability to provide you a complete insight of your current cybersecurity situtation.
3Strong partnership with cyber security vendorsWe have strong partnership with top cybersecurity vendors to further provide you an end-to-end enterprise solution from vulnerability management to network security, end-point security, system security and software security.

3. Our Trusted Partners

We have strong partnership with top cybersecurity vendors to further provide you an end-to-end enterprise solution and complete support.