Real Daily Cyber-Threat

As a system integrator for 8 years, we acknowledge that the cyber-threat is real. For a typical SME in Singapore, our enterprise application firewalls detect 400+ vulnerability and 100+ spyware threats monthly.

Firewalls are not well-capable to cope with application and system vulnerabilities. We need to detect these vulnerabilities before hackers take advantage of them.

1. More than 500 threats monthly

The next-generation application firewalls detect and block an average of 500 threats monthly for a typical SME in Singapore. The threats vary from simple network scans to complex HTTP SQL Injection attacks and spyware. However, we need to proactively do security assessment for our applications and systems instead of passive waiting for the attacks.


2. Borderless cyber-threats

The security threats originate from many locations around the worlds. The attackers have the capability to constantly change their Internet locations for more complex cyber-attacks. Instead of sole relying on government enforcement, we need to proactively identify our application and system vulnerabilities to strengthen our cyber-security.