Wichita, Kansas News, Weather, Sports – Group tackles cyber security at Wichita forum


A cyber security forum at Wichita State University brought everyone from students to small business owners to the Kansas National Guard all to figure out how to make keep hackers from getting your data or money.

Equifax, Yahoo; data breaches are almost a daily occurrence nowadays, and a cyber security forum attracted people wanting to learn more about protecting their data or their business. Anindya Maiti is a Ph.D. student who is all about wearable technology and he wants to keep it safe.

“I was interested in how this translates to businesses,” said Maiti

The number one problem in cyber security might surprise you.

“The number one problem that I see with small business is apathy,” said Brett Eisenman with Butler Community College. 

Brett Eisenman used to work computer forensics for Sedgwick County. He now teaches cyber security at Butler Community College. And those phishing emails you get?

“The phishing scams are popular because they work,” said Eisenman. 

They numbers are staggering. According to Verizon on its network on 11 percent of phishing emails those attachments are open.

“You click on an attachment you click on an email, you become infected and you become a target,” said Eisenman. 

The Target data breach a few years ago was caused when a third party vendor was breached leading hackers to Target. As a result small business security, or lack there of, could lead to data breaches or worse a national secuirty issue. Colonel Joe Jabara with the 184th Intelligence Wing at McConnell Air Base. 

“The thing that we need to understand is what the motives of hackers can be different whether it be identity theft or trade secrets or national secrets, the tricks of the trade, the tools they use, the vulnerability is all the same,” said Jabara. 

Phishing scams aren’t the only threat. Reports of ramsonware scams are up 300 percent. There are now more than 4,000 every day.