You can learn how to hack a secure network for just $30

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The 2018 Supercharged Cybersecurity Bundle offers all the hands-on training in these skills you’ll need to get started, and you can get it today for just $30, over 90 percent off its usual $630 asking price.

This training bundle features over 2,700 pages of eBook instruction, plus 12 hours of video content to help you master the concepts and techniques used in penetration testing networks. You’ll get hands-on practice using the latest tools and tricks to hack into secure networks, find their vulnerabilities, and build patches to stop anyone else from exploiting them.

  • Kali Linux 2 Assuring Security by Penetration Testing (a $35.99 value)
  • Kali Linux 2: Windows Penetration Testing (a $39.99 value)
  • Mastering Kali Linux Wireless Pentesting (a $39.99 value)
  • Learning Python Web Penetration Testing (a $74.99 value)
  • Expert Metasploit Penetration Testing (a $84.99 value)
  • Building Virtual Pentesting Labs for Advanced Penetration Testing (a $47.99 value)
  • Practical Mobile Forensics (a $43.99 value)
  • Learning Python for Forensics (a $47.99 value)
  • Digital Forensics with Kali Linux (a $124.99 value)
  • Network Analysis Using Wireshark 2 (a $94.99 value)

If you’ve ever been interested in ethical hacking, penetration testing, or cyber security, don’t miss this sale on the 2018 Supercharged Cybersecurity Bundle – it’s normally over $630, but you can get it today for just $29.99.

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