Your Business Has Recovered from a Cyber Attack. Now What?

If your business has been the victim of some sort of IT security breach, you’re definitely not alone. But believe it or not, what you do next might make your company stand out. It should be obvious (especially if you’ve been working with ATB for any period of time) that if you’ve experienced a cyber attack, even a seemingly minor one, you should immediately reevaluate your security strategy.

But the reality is that nearly half of all organizations fail to take direct action to ensure sensitive data, IT infrastructure, and valuable company assets are protected from future risk following a breach, according to the recently released CyberArk Global Advanced Threat Landscape Report 2018: The Cyber Security Inertia Putting Organizations at Risk.

The reality is that overcoming cybersecurity inertia requires more than just hiring the right IT firm. Often, it also requires a shift in thinking at the highest levels within an organization. All too frequently CEOs and top managers don’t see cybersecurity as part of their central organizational strategy and are only inclined to make large-scale changes when they see a competitive advantage or have experienced a detrimental loss of important business data due to a lacking disaster recovery plan.

Cybercriminals and hackers are constantly evolving their tactics to exploit new vulnerabilities, and if businesses aren’t also working to improve their IT security constantly, the unfortunate reality is that the attackers will have an advantage. While IT ongoing improvement of IT security protocols may seem like a costly investment, this is one of those cases where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

From our perspective, this report clearly identifies an alarming state of cybersecurity across small and medium-sized businesses. Don’t let your organization sit idle and watch attackers take advantage of gaps in your security plan. Contact the team at ATB to discuss IT security solutions for small businesses and find out how we can help you stay a few steps ahead of the bad actors. Initial consultations are always complimentary, so what are you waiting for?

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