About us

Our Business

MK Cybersecurity has been serving the IT industry for 8 years, and through the years, the company has grown to 30 “hackers” in both Singapore and Vietnam. While we have witnessed social transformation and technological advancement, our core values remain the same: Customer Focus, Integrity, Teamwork, Personal Excellence, and Challenger Spirit.

Our Core Values

Our core values define us as who we are, and our persistence in their implementation has been truly valuable. They create a positive energy that motivate MK Cybersecurity’s employees to serve their clients better, and to provide not just Cybersecurity services but complete professional solutions.

Always put yourselves in the clients’ shoes” is our foremost principle. Each client has a unique viewpoint and a particular need. To cater to the needs of each individual client, we must think from their perspective. We strive to create added-value and long-term partnerships with our clients. On-going operating system review and knowledge update enables us to provide better and more attentive services. With our dedication to continuous improvements, our team is well-known for Speed and Quality in the industry, since our founding in 2010. We are your Trusted cyber safety partner. We protect your cyber businesses.

Our Advantages

Constant innovation and dedication are the guiding principles of every employee at MK Cybersecurity, and we bear these principles in mind in our day-to-day operations and inject these goals into every detail of our services. 

Thanks to the support from everyone of our long-term clients and our excellent employees, MK Cybersecurity is able to persist in delivering the finest quality service. To our new clients, thank you for choosing MK Cybersecurity!

Your choice is our motivation for innovation.