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Our Services

MK Cybersecurity enables you to have a complete insight of your information system vulnerabilities through our Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Security Code Review services. After a complete security assessment, you could make a right decision to secure your information systems and reduce your business risks.

Vulnerability Assessment

Discover vulnerabilities of your networks, operating systems and applications wherever they are (perimeter, internal networks, cloud). Regardless of the infrastructure in use, our experts will assess the security of your systems using both automatic and analytical (manual) methodologies.

Penetration Testing

Evaluation of your networks, operating systems and applications ability to withstand attacks. Our certified ethical hackers, armed with the same techniques as cyber-criminals and raise awareness about vulnerabilities and the effects of exploitation as well as end-user adherence to security policies.

Security Code Review

Examination of your web application's code performed by security specialists to identify security flaws and withstand attacks. Analyzing the code gives the opportunity to find vulnerabilities that would not be found otherwise. This service is complementary with penetration testing.

Latest news

  • May, 17

    Goodbye, Jeff and Tina: Cyber Awareness Challenge Ditches Corny Characters |

    There’s something — or a few someones — missing from the 2019 Cyber Awareness Challenge, the Department of Defense’s annual computer security training. Lovable sweater-vested narrator Jeff, misguided co-worker Tina and other characters are absent from the new challenge, which casts its user in the role of virtual superhero in a race to prevent a […]

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    May, 8

    The Word ‘Hangry’ Has Been Added To The Oxford English Dictionary

    Everyone knows that being ‘hangry’ is a genuine emotion. Not having food for a couple of hours can leave even the calmest individual ready to bite someone’s head off. Now those who get moody when they haven’t had their lunch will be delighted to hear that ‘hangry’ has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, […]

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  • May, 4

    The Chandigarh School boy has been included in the list of Forbes Trishneet Arora CEO of TAC Security Cyber-Security company 1, Career Hindi News

    चंडीगढ़ के स्कूल का त्रिशनीत अरोड़ा फोर्ब्स की लिस्ट में हुआ शामिल, सीबीआई भी है इनकी क्लाइंट विदेश ब्रेकिंग: मौसम दिनभरः दिल्ली-एनसीआर, लखनऊ और रांची में सताएगी गर्मी, कुछ स्थानों पर बादल छाने का अनुमान। पटना में खिलेगी तेज धूप तो देहरादून में कुछ स्थानों पर गरज सकते हैं बादल एससी-एसटी एक्ट में संशोधन के […]

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    Apr, 30

    IRS electronic filing system breaks down hours before midnight deadline

    The Internal Revenue Service’s electronic system that allows Americans to submit their tax returns online has partly failed Tuesday, complicating filing for the millions of taxpayers attempting to meet the government’s midnight deadline. “On my way over here this morning, I was told a number of systems are down at the moment,” IRS Acting Commissioner […]

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  • Apr, 28

    Iran has laid groundwork for extensive cyberattacks on U.S., say officials

    After the U.S. pulled out of the nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified before Congress that the U.S. was “anticipating it’s a possibility” that Iran would increase cyberattacks in the coming weeks and months and that the U.S. “will be prepared.” Nielsen said the […]

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    Apr, 26

    Russia Hacks Into U.S. Power Plants, But Nuclear Reactors Should Be Impervious

    The control room at the Browns Ferry nuclear reactor. These systems are robustly isolated from the outside world and the Internet. They cannot be hacked..Archives of Les Corrice According to an alert from the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team yesterday, Russia has hacked into many of our government entities and domestic companies in the energy, […]

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  • Apr, 24

    McConnell: Russians are not our friends

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellDoug Jones walks tightrope on Supreme Court nomineeKavanaugh gets questionnaires for confirmation hearingDem infighting erupts over Supreme Court pickMORE (R-Ky.) on Monday said that Russia is not a friend of the U.S. and that he supports the intelligence community’s finding that Moscow meddled in the 2016 election. “I have […]

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    Apr, 22

    Cyber Security: Four Common Cyber Security Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Given the times we live in, the internet has become an all-consuming part of our life. From socialising to shopping to paying bills, we do everything online. Thanks to our smartphones, we are permanently logged in to our email and social media accounts. As much as we like being connected 24×7 to the digital world, […]

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  • Apr, 21

    Voting machine errors already roil Texas and Georgia races – POLITICO

    Georgia is one of five states that still relies entirely on paperless voting machines, even as most others have switched to scanned-in paper ballots. | Tami Chappell/AFP/Getty Images Voting machine errors already roil Texas and Georgia races The errors would appear to work to the advantage of Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz over Democratic challenger […]

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    Apr, 20

    NSA chief says Trump hasn’t told him to confront Russian cyber threat

    Washington (CNN)US Cyber Command chief Adm. Mike Rogers told lawmakers on Tuesday that he has not been granted the authority by President Donald Trump to disrupt Russian election hacking operations where they originate. Asked by Democratic Sen. Jack Reed if he has been directed by the President, through the defense secretary, to confront Russian cyber […]

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