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Our Services

MK Cybersecurity enables you to have a complete insight of your information system vulnerabilities through our Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Security Code Review services. After a complete security assessment, you could make a right decision to secure your information systems and reduce your business risks.

Vulnerability Assessment

Discover vulnerabilities of your networks, operating systems and applications wherever they are (perimeter, internal networks, cloud). Regardless of the infrastructure in use, our experts will assess the security of your systems using both automatic and analytical (manual) methodologies.

Penetration Testing

Evaluation of your networks, operating systems and applications ability to withstand attacks. Our certified ethical hackers, armed with the same techniques as cyber-criminals and raise awareness about vulnerabilities and the effects of exploitation as well as end-user adherence to security policies.

Security Code Review

Examination of your web application's code performed by security specialists to identify security flaws and withstand attacks. Analyzing the code gives the opportunity to find vulnerabilities that would not be found otherwise. This service is complementary with penetration testing.

Latest news

  • Feb, 21

    US should take some of blame for massive cyberattack, Chinese media says

    Chinese media pinned some of the blame for the massive global cyberattack that affected more than 300,000 computers over the weekend on the United States. The China Daily said Wednesday that the U.S.’s National Security Agency should take some of the blame for last week’s WannaCry ransomware attack, which targeted vulnerabilities in Microsoft systems and […]

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    Feb, 20

    Cyber Attack: No serious impact in India due to ransomware, says Prasad

    IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad says the systems run by the National Informatics Centre were secured and running smoothly. (HT photo) The government today said there was no serious impact in the country due to a global ransomware cyber attack, except for a few isolated incidents in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad […]

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  • Feb, 20

    Cyber attack continues its destructive world tour

    Cyber attack continues its destructive world tour Wednesday, June 28, 2017 – 01:18 The cyber attack that started Tuesday is wreaking havoc across the globe Wednesday, crippling thousands of computers, disrupting operations at ports from Mumbai to Los Angeles and halting production at a chocolate factory in Australia. Press CTRL+C (Windows), CMD+C (Mac), or long-press […]

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    Feb, 18

    Microsoft slams US government over global cyber attack

    icrosoft has attacked the US government for developing the computer vulnerability that was used in a cyber attack on thousands of computers on Friday. The global ransomware attack, which hit computers in more than 150 countries, was engineered using tools developed by America’s spy agency, the National Security Agency. As well as throwing the NHS […]

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  • Feb, 17

    Cyberattack targets British lawmakers

    While the US still tries to sort out how Russian cyberattacks played an influence on the recent presidential election, the British Parliament is currently experiencing its own attack from hackers this weekend. News reports say the country’s lawmakers have been left unable to use or access their email as a result of a “sustained and […]

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    Feb, 16

    Pentagon, Fearing Cyber Attack, Moves to Find Alternative Comms Network

    Considering the escalating tension between the U.S. and North Korea, the Pentagon is moving to create an alternative communications network in the event of a cyberattack on U.S. power grids. According to Defense Systems, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) and BAE Systems are helming this project. The project, based on a statement from the […]

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  • Feb, 15

    Cyber attack hits Twitter, Amazon, other top websites

    Twitter Major internet services including Twitter, Spotify and Amazon suffered service interruptions and outages on Friday as a US internet provider came under sustained cyber attack. The internet service company Dyn, which routes and manages internet traffic, said that it had suffered a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on its domain name service shortly […]

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    Feb, 14

    Google reportedly mistook the NHS’s 1.2 million employees for a huge cyberattack

    Christopher Furlong/Getty Images It’s not a cyberattack — it’s just a lot of doctors. The NHS’ 1.2 million employees provide some of the best healthcare on Earth — but if you’re a big tech provider, that many people can be awfully confusing. The Register reports that on Wednesday, Google mistook the NHS’ network for a […]

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  • Feb, 13

    BREAKING: Massive Internet Blackout Cyber Attack; Twitter, PayPal & More

    Many mainstream, major internet sites, along with thousands of smaller ones, were down early Friday morning following a cyberattack on a massive Domain Name System (DNS) host. Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, Reddit, PayPal and numerous other sites reported being down this morning. Twitter especially seems to have ongoing issues and won’t load for many. Walgreens and countless […]

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    Feb, 12

    ISIS hacking group threatens global cyber attack tomorrow

    A pro-ISIS hacking group has threatened a massive cyber attack on governments and armies around the world starting with ‘the cursed Unites States’ tomorrow. Electronic Ghosts of the Caliphate declared in an ominous video to its enemies: ‘We are the hackers of ISIS. We will face you in a massive cyber war.’ The video features […]

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