The Frequently Asked Questions guide you through our cybersecurity testing processes. They also helps us to understand your requirements to serve you better.

Q1. We would like to do Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Security Code Review. How do we getting started?
MK Cybersecurity: Please help to give us the following information to get started.

1.  What are the target systems and applications? If the target application is public website, please give us your website URLs and user guide for your website (if any) to estimate your system complexity.
Sample answer: We want to do cybersecurity testing for our e-commerce website. Our website is at http://samplecarshop.com. We attach our user guide in this email.

2. What are the high level software functionalities? Do you have payment function?
Same answer: Our website sells computers and laptops for Singapore market. We also have payment function via Credit card in this website.

3. What is the high level system architecture?
Sample answer: We use Windows servers and Microsoft SQL Server for our target website.

4. For vulnerability assessment, how many websites and servers do you want to test?
Sample answer: We want to test two websites and three servers.

5. For Penetration testing, how many websites, mobile applications and servers do you want to test? For mobile application, please specify whether it is an iOS or Android application.
Sample answer: We want to test two websites, one iOS application, one Android application and three servers.

6. For source code review, what is your technical stack of target system? Please specify the programming language you are using such as ASP.NET, PHP and Java.
Sample answer: We use ASP.NET for the website. We also have an iOS application.

7. Do you have the full list of Compliance requirements?
Sample answer: Our target systems / applications need to be checked against OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities.

Q1: Do you provide Performance Testing service?
MK Cybersecurity: Currently, we don’t provide Performance Testing service.

Q2: If cybersecurity testing services reveal security holes, do you provide security fixes?
MK Cybersecurity: We are also providing web development service to fix security holes. Please contact us for quotation.

Q1. How can we get the quotation?
MK Cybersecurity: Please contact us for quotation.