Why customers trust us?

TRUST is mainly based on the outcome of security assessment. If no critical security issue is found, no service fee will be imposed.

MK Cybersecurity has experienced security researchers, best-in-class vulnerability scanners, security certifications and best-practice methodologies. If no critical security issue is found, certifications,  methodologies and vulnerability scanners are just decorations. Therefore, our best commitment to you is “No critical issue, no service fee”.

1. No critical issue, no service fee

To assure you of our best commitment and assessment quality, we only charge service fee if critical security issue is found.

If only High, Moderate and Low risk findings are found during assessment, we will still give you professional security reports with detail proofs and recommendations.

A level of trust will be established based on the assessment outcome.

2. Assessment of ALL application functionalities

In penetration testing, our security researchers will examine all application functionalities for complex, application-context and cross-functional vulnerabilities.

Sample cross-functional vulnerabilities:

  • Account takeover
  • Server takeover
  • Customer data leaking
  • Database extraction
  • Fake orders
  • Fake payment
  • Illegal balance manipulation

Security researchers wil perform hacking techniques in controlled manner to form a comprehensive list of security vulnerabilities.

3. Trusted vulnerability scanners

Trusted vulnerability scanners Acunetix, Rapid7 and Nessus are used for vulnerability assessment. These scanners will reveal simple and common vulnerabilities in your websites, mobile application and servers.

In penetration testing, these vulnerability scanners are used as part of assessment. Security researchers will perform more manual hacking techniques for more complex and application-context vulnerabilities.