Our security researchers with same techniques as cyber-criminals will assess and discover from common and known vulnerabilities to complex and cross-functional vulnerabilities in your websites, mobile applications and servers.

We perform Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Source Code Review for companies in Singapore to ensure their websites, mobile applications and servers safe in the Internet. Moreover, these tests will help them to pass Security Acceptance Tests before the going-live.

1. Vulnerability Assessment

Trusted vulnerability scanners assess and discover common and known vulnerabilities of your websites, mobile applications and servers 

  • Web Vulnerability Assessment (VA)
  • OS Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

2. Penetration Testing

Security researchers use hacking techniques to reveal complex and cross-functional vulnerabilities of your websites, mobile applications and servers.

  • Web Penetration Testing (PT)
  • Mobile Penetration Testing (PT)
  • OS Penetration Testing (PT)

3. Source Code Review

Automated source code scanners will assess source code for insecure security controls. Furthermore, our security researchers will manually verify the vulnerabilities against the running systems for better assessment accuracy.

  • Source Code Review