Top Blockchain Developers In Singapore

With the fast advancement of technology, many aspects of our daily lives have been affected. Technology has transformed almost everything- from our day-to-day activities, how we do business, and even our finances. And thus, the cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency, more known as crypto, is a digital currency that uses a computer network instead of the usual central authorities like banks or the government. It also does not exist in physical form like paper money. Instead, it is encrypted, decentralized, and broadly distributed among cryptocurrency users over the internet.

People mostly use crypto as an investment, but it can also be used to purchase common goods and services. Records of crypto transactions are stored in a database called a blockchain.

What is a Blockchain?

A blockchain is an open, distributed ledger of cryptocurrency transactions stored in code. Each cryptocurrency user has a copy of the blockchain, and the software simultaneously updates every copy of it for each new transaction. It is protected with validation techniques to prevent fraud.

Because of the cruciality of blockchains in the crypto industry, hiring data engineers who can deliver is a must.

Where to find the right talent?

At the moment, cryptocurrency companies are challenged in finding the right talent for their business. With the expansive growth of this industry, more companies are now fighting over getting the people to do the job. Recruiting talents has been difficult, given the shortage of talent, skills gap, and increasing competition in the crypto businesses and other industries. Many cryptocurrency firms have resorted to attracting remote talents to address this predicament.   

In Asia, Singapore is known as a melting pot for competitive talents. It has also become an emerging blockchain hub since many crypto companies set up an office there. At the same time, Blockchain Association Singapore has been providing various blockchain engineering courses and certifications to further develop in-demand skills like software engineering and roles in compliance and product development.

The Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Enterprises, another industry group, also offered support in bridging the skills gap by partnering with a private education institution in Singapore to launch a Diploma in Blockchain program.

Top Blockchain Developers

Are you looking for a blockchain developer to partner with or to hire? Here are some of the top blockchain developers in Singapore.

Accubits Technologies, Inc.

Boasting their vast array of clientele, such as governments, Fortune 1000 companies, and Tech startups, Accubits Technologies, Inc. has helped organizations accelerate their growth by providing technology and solutions. Accubits is headquartered in Virginia, USA, and has offices in Singapore, Australia, Canada, UAE, Hongkong, India, Norway, and Switzerland. Accubits is a pioneer in the field of blockchain and was recognized as the “Most Promising Consumer Blockchain Solution Development Company” by Frost and Sullivan.

Lets Nurture

Founded in 2010, Lets Nurture’s head office is in New York, United States but has multiple offices, one of which is in Singapore. Their main services focus include SEO, UX/UI design, Mobile and Wearable app development, IT staff augmentation, and blockchain. Based on their experience, as well as client testimonials and references, and portfolio, their competence is assured.

Fortunesoft IT Innovations

Fortunesoft is a software product engineering and consulting company that provides full-cycle software development for startups, mid-market, and enterprises. With more than 11 years of experience, they have serviced different companies worldwide and successfully completed multiple projects. They have multiple offices- in Singapore, Bangalore, India, Australia, and Nashville, USA. Their core competencies include Blockchain Solutions and E-commerce application development, Fin-tech application development, and AI.

Openwave Computing

This leading IT services corporation has been offering technology solutions to global clients since 1997. Their extensive clientele includes not just Fortune 500 companies but even startup companies as well. Openwave Computing is an ISO-certified organization that provides services such as Blockchain, Virtual Reality,  Augmented Reality, PHP Development, and even Digital Marketing and SEO.


With over 50 years of experience and 14 offices worldwide, Zuhlke is undoubtedly a global innovation service provider. Their expertise includes strategy and business innovation, device and systems engineering, digital solutions and application services, and data and AI solutions.

Can blockchain be used in other industries?

Other sectors in Singapore have been utilizing blockchain as well. These industries are reaping the benefits of the blockchain industry.

  • Airline industry: Blockchain technology allows stakeholders like passengers, airline crew, ground services crew, and other airline staff to access up-to-date and verified details on departures, arrivals, and delays
  • Education: Through blockchain technology, employers and universities can verify a student’s or employee’s qualification in a quick and objective manner
  • Government: Singapore has used blockchain technology from taxation, welfare payments, voting, health record management, and audit processing
  • Supply chain: applying blockchain technology in the supply chain enables digital tracking of goods information like origination data, storage temperatures, batch numbers, and shipping details. The technology enhances traceability and information sharing across the supply chain business.

Wrapping Up

Blockchain Technology is the foundation for most cryptocurrency firms. With its advantages in the crypto industry and other sectors, blockchain developers are definitely an in-demand talent not just in Singapore but across different countries.