Cisco Global Cyberattack: What You Need To Know

So unfortunately, there is another cyber attack to tell you about. Someone compromised over 200,000 Cisco switches. But wait…it gets better. Because Iran was the one that found the attack and alerted the world. Cisco global cyberattack:  What you need to know.

So according to Iran’s tech leaders, hackers hit around 3,500 systems. But guess which nation got the worst of it? You guessed it. Because here in the USA, this Cisco global cyberattack affected over 55,000 systems. Also, over 14,000 computers in China got hit. Other victims range throughout India, Europe and Asia. The hacker left a calling card. That card is a US flag and a quote saying, “don’t mess with our elections”.

Iran said they fixed the flaw and hours, and hackers did little damage. I don’t hear much from the US or other nations about this latest attack. But I do come across some interesting news. The news came from the attackers themselves: They say it’s against Russia. You see, the attackers still think Russia interfered with the US 2016 elections. Yes, they did attack Russia, but we don’t know how many systems they got. But this latest attacks expose a huge problem in the IT service community. There are many mediocre security practices in IT support.

Hackers know it, and they’re taking advantage of it. In fact, look at what happened to the city of Atlanta several weeks back. It seems like the bad guys are getting smarter while the rest of us are slipping. Some of the bad guys reasons’ are financial, while some are political, like what we’re seeing here. Some motives are even more sinister. This is why we need to do a better job protecting ourselves. This is also why we need to do a better job finding and bring these guys to justice. What do you think needs to be done?