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Cyber Security Risk Scorecard; Today, almost all companies, regardless of the size or the sector, need to rate their cyber security risk. A reliable and actionable security scorecard can assess the risks and show the ways to eliminate the threats. Generating a security scorecard does not require your personal or secret information. Because they use public information, they are totally safe.

Correct information saves your company. Here is why: when you know the risks and treats, you can protect your work in the most effective way. So, a successful Cyber Security Risk Scorecard is one of the most useful tools to align with your professional targets.

As a report of risk assessment, security scorecard includes strategic, reputational, operational, transactional, and compliance risks in detail. Cyber security scorecard gives you the most realistic information for solid solution against possible threats.

What are the possible threats?

Different sectors and companies obviously are vulnerable to different threats and risks. However, we can mention some basic treats that are found in every cyber risk scorecard.

Unauthorized access can be from a direct hacking attack, malware infection or internal threat. This kind of an access means having an access into a computer in your network without your consent. These people can use your data, store data, and even change it. Hacking is breaking into a computer system with the intention of maliciously altering, damaging, or disrupting the computer system or networks.

Misuse of information by an authorized user is the result of an unapproved use of data or changes made without approval. Within companies, there are multiple users having access to confidential information. When someone misuses your information, you are definitely under risk.

Data leakage includes permitting the use of unencrypted USB and / or CD-ROM without restriction; deficient paper retention and destruction practices; transmitting Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI) over insecure channels; or accidentally sending sensitive information to the wrong recipient. Data leakage put not only you but also your customers’ personal records in danger.

Third party vendor breaches are another common threats for companies and customers. Researches show that 63% of all data breaches can be attributed to a third party vendor.

To be informed of your own vulnerabilities, you can go for a security scorecard of your own company. Such a report can analyze your company’s network, web application and endpoint security to take an action against cyber crimes.

What to do to prevent cyber crimes?

First thing to do is finding your vulnerabilities to be proactive before a crime is committed on your company. Cyber security scorecard is the best way to identify threats. These cards provide a “hacker’s view” of all public-facing vulnerabilities across 20 different categories. Seeing your company from the hackers’ perspective, you can go further to minimize all the vulnerabilities.

Then, using a security scorecard, you can determine a likelihood of crime. Is your rating high, medium or low? They all require different steps to take. Being highly open to risks means that threat source is interested in your company and they are sufficiently capable of reaching your network. When you know that you are at high level considering cyber risks, you must be in hurry control and prevent the vulnerabilities. You cannot make further mistakes.

Low risk level can be normal when managing a company, but you should keep doing what you are doing right. Implementing additional security enhancements may provide further defense against potential or currently unforeseen threats. This is a great thing to do to prevent potential cyber crimes.

Secure scorecards evaluate your cyber risk posture and give you the information to use drawing a track for a safer company. The cards are useful and powerful tools when they are interpreted and regarded intelligently.

What about NormShield Cyber Security Risk Scorecard?

Cyber Security Risk Scorecard analyzes your security posture using externally accessible data that doesn’t require permission to acquire. You don’t need to share any confidential information to have one.

The comprehensive cyber security risk scorecard (CSRS) by NormShield enables not only to measure the risk level of your company but also it analyzes and prioritizes the data to generate the actionable, letter-grade and color-coded report. The prioritized action list, compliance control and highly technical details of each finding make security engineers’ lives easier.

You can quickly and deeply do your self-assessment or third party risk assessment. NormShield Cyber Risk Scorecard evaluates a company in many different categories. Each category provides specific information about an aspect of a firm’s cyber security posture.