Cyxtera to acquire offense-oriented cyber security provider Immunity

The best form of defense?

Cyxtera Technologies, which was formed last year following the merger of CenturyLink’s data center business with Medina Capital’s security and data analytics subsidiaries, plans to acquire Immunity Inc.

Immunity focuses on offense-oriented systems, vulnerability research, exploit development and penetration testing services. The deal is expected to close this quarter, pending the usual regulatory approval and closing conditions.

The best form of defense?

“In the security industry, it’s rare that you can blend together offense and defense-oriented capabilities,” Christopher Day, chief cyber security officer at Cyxtera, said.

“The advantages of combining Immunity’s products and services with Cyxtera’s portfolio creates an opportunity to approach cybersecurity in a truly holistic manner. The expertise developed in both companies is highly complementary; it will strengthen our ability to help customers better secure their infrastructure.”

Dave Aitel, Immunity’s CEO, added: “We know the team at Cyxtera well and are excited to take this next step to expand our reach and resources. We’re proud to be joining forces, where our combined capabilities will help Cyxtera further its vision of delivering a secure infrastructure platform.”

Immunity offers products such as ’Innuendo,’ a penetration testing tool for modeling data exfiltration attacks, and ‘Canvas,’ an assessment tool for simulating pen testing and hostile attacks. It also offers services including application assessment, vulnerability analysis, reverse engineering, architecture review and source code review.

Established in 2002, the company was a member of DARPA’s Cyber Fast Track program and hosts the annual security conference, Infiltrate. It has offices in Miami, Florida, Washington, D.C. and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Immunity joins existing Cyxtera cyber security subsidiaries including Cryptzone, Catbird, Easy Solutions and Brainspace.